I looked at motorcycles here and called from work in Louisiana to put a 500.00 deposit to be able to return their and ride the bike and purchase. I returned as i stated on the phone call the friday i came back in town. I drove the bike and returned to the dealership to talk price and purchase, when i went to what i thought was talk numbers because i was buying th bike cash outright, the accounting deptartment already had the total priced. I asked if they could do any better because i was paying cash, and was refused twice at even 300 dollars off total or even 50 dollars nothing so i walked out. I went to Chattanooga Indian and purchased then called this dealership in Knoxville to cancel my deposit and was told its non refundable. During no time of my sales experience was i told that the 500.00 deposit was non refundable but evidently they knew that and is the reason they were so snobby and no responsive because they knew even if i did not purchase that they were gonna keep my money anyway. Do not buy from here, drive the hour nd a half to Chatanooga for your purchases and service its well worth it to talk with people that are totally honest and straight forward. (Employee: Travis Walker, Curtis Haley)
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